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Behind Saudi Arabia’s execution spree

The execution of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr for terrorism in Saudi Arabia has sparked outrage across the Middle East and threatens to escalate to a regional sectarian Sunni-Shiite war raising global security concerns. Saudi Arabia’s decision came as a surprise. … Continue reading

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The tragedy of Douma

There is no better alternative for the dead children in Douma. And the reason is, sadly, not that the Syrian regime doesn’t value human beings; but that the rest of the world doesn’t Continue reading

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The moving labyrinth of Middle Eastern foreign policy: Turkey and Saudi Arabia

The Turkish government has recently made several moves that indicate a desire to warm its relations with Saudi Arabia, among which was the Turkish president’s presence at Saudi King Abdallah’s funeral. Some Syrian opposition members are supportive of these moves. Analysts acknowledge that Turkey dances on a shoestring when it comes to its foreign policy, though others don’t see in these efforts a necessary change in the relationship between Riyadh and Ankara. Continue reading

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Amin Maalouf brought me to Lebanon

Amin Maalouf brought me to Lebanon. I first read Samarkand. I couldn’t leave the book until I was done with the last page. Then I let myself conquered by the nostalgia and the regrets in “Les Echelles du Levant”. Then … Continue reading

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