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Terror attack in Beirut

We heard a big boom yesterday coming from Ashrafieh, a neighborhood where most of us live. It took 5 minutes to figure out it had been in Sassine or close by and my editor had tears in her eyes. Her … Continue reading

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Crossing the border from Egypt to Libya

This is what a journalist can do when he’s got guts and a strong media company which finances his trips. Good one Mr. Ben Wedeman! I envy you. Nice description of Gadhafi’s rule: “”You see all the potholes in this … Continue reading

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The Syrian interior mininister scolds protestors in Damascus

The news has spread around blogs and a few news wires that around 1500 people gathered in front of the Interior Ministry in Damascus to ask for the release of a man who got into a fight with a policeman … Continue reading

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The wind of change – memories of a revolution

I was just a little girl when the Berlin Wall fell. Then I saw a revolution on television when I was 10 years old in my own country. I also saw an execution live on television on Christmas day. My … Continue reading

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Bahrain protests getting bigger

received via twitter.

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The Bahraini protests

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