Don’t turn Hezbollah into a victim

Bulgaria is getting ready to finalize the investigation in last year’s Burgas bombing which killed Israeli tourists in the Burgas resort on the Black Sea shore. The matter will be discussed in the meeting of the Bulgarian National Security Council on January 22, when the investigation is supposed to be concluded.

Israel is determined to blame it on Hezbollah and its arch foe Iran, although the Bulgarian government refused to give in and said there is no actual proof to incriminate the Lebanese group.  The Israeli elections are scheduled for January 22. Incriminating Hezbollah for the bombing in Burgas would bring Netanyahu the glory he wants.

The US, which has been trying to convince the European Union to label the Party of God as a terror organization, also puts pressure on Bulgaria. Having the proof that Hezbollah is responsible for the Burgas bombing, right in the EU’s back yard, would be the final argument to convince Brussels.

Bulgaria is a small country in the Balkans, EU member since 2007, but monitored by the European Commission for its lack of law enforcement and organized crime problem. It also has a strong pro-American foreign policy, as all the Eastern European countries after the collapse of the Soviet bloc. It’s very likely that they comply with the pressures, experts told NOW for a piece that  published on NOW English this afternoon.

However, the last time when Hezbollah’s involvement into a terror attack was in Argentine in 1996. Since then, the Party of God changed its ways and although many Israeli governments have tried to incriminate it in several terror attacks around the globe, they could not come up with any valid proof. Analysts and politicians, be they even rivals of Hezbollah in Lebanon, will tell you over a coffee that those times are long gone, and that in the last 10 years Hezbollah’s efforts were more focused on the political side, on gaining legitimacy as a political entity. The efforts were, of course, supported by building a business empire in West Africa, South America and South East Asia. This is where the Drug Enforcement Agency had a lot of work to do in the US, dismantling many groups specialized in money laundering, drug smuggling and car parts dealing that had connections to top Hezbollah officials.

Guys, if you really want Hezbollah blacklisted in Europe so badly, get down to work and bring some valid proof. The Party of God has long ceased to be the Resistance it once was, and although it comes out with a high degree of self-righteousness, its ranks have been infiltrated by people with a lust for money. The ideology and the rhetoric might be the same, but the people have changed. But accusing Hezbollah of blowing up a bus in Bulgaria with no valid proof will turn it into a victim. 


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