Saudi Arabia and its women’s rights spree

I couldn’t figure it out until saw this press release from the UN saying how the “United Nations Special Rapporteurs on summary executions, torture and migrants expressed outrage at the beheading on 9 January of Rizana Nafeek, a Sri Lankan domestic worker charged with murder of a baby in her care in 2005 when she was reportedly 17 years old.”

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(Photo via Al Jazeera)

Apart form the fact that I barely saw it discussed in the Lebanese media – it was just a short news story for most newspapers in Beirut, while some international channels like CNN had long special reports and extensive coverage of the whole incident. Would it be because she was “just” a maid? – it was soon replaced by reports praising the king and his open mindedness.

Two days after the execution the king named 30 women in the Shura Council and the world can’t stop cheering. Great trap, but Saudi Arabia has overdone it.

The 30 women – check out the list – are two princesses and 28 PhD graduates.  Is this for real? Do all men in the Shura Council have PhDs? Does a woman have to prove she’s smarter than a man in order to get recognition? Does a woman have to get a PhD in order to be able to enter the Shura Council through a separate entrance and sit in a separate section so that the male members wouldn’t get a hard-on? It still sounds lime discrimination to me.



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