Life in almost a year – my Bridget Jones list

Since I’ve stopped writing:

Hosni Moubarak is on trial and a military dictatorship is ruling Egypt

Lybia went through a civil war, Gaddafi ran away, was caught and killed ( horrifying and stupid, but the rage of armed men is always the same).

Bahrain‘s revolt died out, people went to jail

Syria is still in turmoil, Assad is still in power, 3500 people died in Syrian cities

The Europeans are still buried in their financial crisis, Greece collapsed.

Been 5 times to North Lebanon to meet Syrian refugees from Homs, Tal Kalakh and Qousair, wrote twice as many stories, some of them the best of my career.

Traveled twice to South Lebanon to find more statues and monuments dedicated to Hafez al Assad.

Seen a Lebanese government fall, some more political bickering, another government sword in, a new interesting prime minister. Wrote tens of stories about it.

Met several families of victims of assassinations in Lebanon, interviewed parents, wives, sons, brothers. Nobody cared (as expected).

Traveled once, to Romania, for two weeks. Did nothing of what I had planned.

Seen Moonspell and Katatonia in Beirut. Missed Metallica in Abu Dhabi.

Got the Yonkyu rank in Aikido.

Had the most wonderful birthday of my life, lost the boyfriend who made it special.

Finally convinced mother and father to visit Lebanon

Applied for a loan in a Lebanese bank.

Lost 10 kilograms.

Earned some very good friends, lost some.

Haven’t written the Master’s thesis yet.

Currently in pursuit of oneself, all by myself in a foreign country, without taking refuge. Just moving on.

One woman. Huge world. Many roads. Life to be continued…


About View over Beirut

For all the stories left unwritten.
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