Breaking news: Gaddafi is paranoid

I can’t say I haven’t heard this before.After 42 years in power you develop paranoia, it’s just normal. You start believing that you are God. Sad, but true.

“Moammar Qaddafi is not a president, he is a revolutionary leader. This is my country and yours. ”

– We are more competent to [be Libyan] than those rats [who are protesting].

– We defied America and the nuclear countries and triumphed.

– This is glory.

– This is the glory that [our opponents] want to distort.

Italy was destroyed on Libyan soil.

– I am a fighter.

– Libya will remain the leader of African, Latin America and the world.

– Libya is a tree. We watered it with our blood.

– Qaddafi is the history of resistance, glory. Qaddafi is not a president or a normal person [who could be killed in an ordinary way].

– Where were you [protestors] when we were being bombarded?”

I’m waiting for the moment when he says he is the father of Libya. That’s when you know for sure.


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