Lebanese volleyball in the Arab championship in KSA

Let’s forget about politics for a minute. Because I got something that will make any Lebanese (even me, I’m already Lebanese in spirit :D) proud.

So forget Mikati for a second. 😛

There is the Arab Volleyball championship going on in Saidi Arabia. Two Lebanese teams, Al Anwar from Jdeideh (pool 1) and Zahra from Tripoli (pool 4) are trying to bring the cup to Lebanon.

I don’t know about Zahra, but Al Anwar is already qualified for the quarters, after they won three games in a row: with Bani Yas (UAE) on Saturday, Al Sakr (Yemen) yesterday 3-1 (25-22, 25-17, 16-25, 25-16), Al Ahli Tripoli (Libya) 3-0 today. They still have to confront the Tunisians from Al Safakos on February 24, but they’re technically qualified already.

I’ve been to two of Al Anwar’s games in Michel el Murr and they are really good. Too bad that I don’t see many people in the courts although the entrance is free. I really don’t get this apathy as far as sports are concerned.

I understand football is sectarian. Basketball is supposed to have the focus on, since they’re spending all that money on American players when they have awesome Lebanese ones who can score more often sitting on the bench (I am mean but that’s the truth). But Lebanon is good at volleyball, the players are all Lebanese and they are damn good. So why are the courts so empty everytime?


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