A mother’s solidarity

I feel sometimes that nobody cares anymore. That the reports on victims of assassinations – you know, the people who just happened to be there when the bomb went off, the people who were never martyrs, just collateral damage – just go up on the website, people look at them, read the story, they say “haram” and move on.

But today, with Tony Daou’s profile, something new happened. Another mother, Ghassan Daoud’s monther, the young lawyer who blew up with Walid Eido at Sporting just because he took a swim that day, answered to Linda Daou.
“what can I say I feel what u feel I lost him at age of 28 before 3 months of ur son also by a bomb .We are loosing our innocent children without any reason , may be for one reason that they were born in lebanon .let there souls RIP may be they are happier there ……..we all missed our lovers lets always pray for their souls”

I strongly feel that these mothers, sisters, sons, wifes and daughters should meet and sit together to not feel forgotten anymore. Many of them lost hope that they would ever know who’s responsible for their grief.
This is not about the STL, this is about Lebanese people who were never taken into account, who were never even asked if they are alright.

They need to know. Nothing can bring back their lost dear ones. They need to know that they are not alone, that there is someone who feels with them (as the Lebanese say). They were given money by the Lebanese state. A few thousand dollars in damages. But nobody cared if they ever recover after the bombings.

A son saw his father’s head cut off, another son saw his father survive two attacks on his life just to see him die by accident in another explosion, parents raised their children to be educated, grown people and all of a sudden their life’s hope was gone. They need help to live with the grief, but nobody cared about a 10 year old girl who was seeing a psychiatrist because she saw her father’s body on television.

If in former Yugoslavia you’ve got tens of NGOs which deal with the victims, in Lebanon there is none. There is just one man who knows them all, who knows all their stories, who provides financial help for those who need it, for those who are not taken care of personally by politicians who feel guilty.

Raja Noujaim, from Moultazimoun , who’s been trying for a couple of years to put together and NGO to represent the victims of assassinations. His efforts however remained in vain until now. Because nobody cares or has an intereest to help these people without using them politically. And that’s what makes them so bitter.


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