The Syrian interior mininister scolds protestors in Damascus

The news has spread around blogs and a few news wires that around 1500 people gathered in front of the Interior Ministry in Damascus to ask for the release of a man who got into a fight with a policeman over a traffic incident and was arrested and beaten up.

A video of the demonstration showed up on youtube:

The really weird thing about this, as Angie says, is the conversation between the protesters and the minister.

“Shame on you – this is a demonstration.”

[As in “Gotcha! Asking for your rights, huh? You weasels, you know it’s forbidden. Mortal sin.”]

“No, no, this isn’t a demonstration!”, the protestor tried to convince him.
As in “OMG, please don’t kill us!”

As my editor says: this can only happen in Syria.

It reminds me of conversation I used to have with my grandma.
” Shame on you. You ate the whole jar of jam, didn’t you? You’ll get diabetes from all the sugar. ”
“No, I didn’t. It wasn’t me.” I used to answer, although my face was all sticky with apricot jam.


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