Latest gossip from Beirut: Moughniah’s widow is pregnant

Imad Moughniah’s “widow” is reportedly 5 months pregnant. :-O

Her doctor is none other than Iman Charara, whose clinic was visited a couple of months ago by two STL investigators. The investigators were attacked by women and their briefcase was stolen. Apparently the two investigators wanted to see the widow’s file.

It might be that she got pregnant by “mota’a”, an arranged sex marriage – although these marriages are defiently not arranged in order to have babies – but these Beiruti magazines say Moughniah, Hezbollah’s head of military operations, might be well and alive with a different face (everybody knows that Iran is the capital of rhinoplasty – nose jobs) having babies with his wife.

These magazines also quote a report in 2008 which quoted Syrian sources saying that the car wich exploded on February 11 2008 in Damascus was empty and the explosion was not that strong. Moreover, his body was never seen.

Therefore, Imad Moughniah might be happily living in Dahiyeh, away from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and its investigation into Rafik Hariri’s assassination or from the Argentianians who want him for allegedly planing the bombing in Buenos Aires in 1992.


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