Why I’d rather live in a TV series

I changed my channel from Al Jazeera English for a couple of minutes. It’s Sunday, so I thought of taking a break.
Movie channel. Some series on television about this wonderful woman who raises her children while her husband is always away on business. The perfect heroin.

She calls him:
“Hey, honey. I have an emergency.”
He panics.
“What’s wrong?”
“I wanted to hear your voice.”
“OMG, you got me.” He smiles. “I miss you too, sweetheart. I can’t wait to see you.”
“Even now when I’m older and not so pretty anymore.”
“To me you’re as beautiful as you were the first moment I met you.”

Cheesy, huh? I changed the channel to Al Jazeera again. But I have to admit, I’d give anything to be in that woman’s shoes. I guess all women secretly want the same. But that happens in the movies. 😦

Aaaaand back to you, Al Jazeera.


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  1. Heraclituss says:

    You r so honest as always. I enjoyed it.

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