Syria’s Friday

The protest is supposed to kick off tomorrow, February 4, on the anniversary of Hama massacre. The Assad regime reportedly already took measures: canceled the leaves of the employees of the intelligence services, and took measures to protect sensitive objectives and government buildings.

Syria is very similar to Egypt, Internet wise. Actually the Syrian opposition is more used to go around the long lasting restrictions than the Egyptian one (therefore, you get all the Facebook accounts and the Facebook anti-Assad campaign while Facebook is forbidden in Egypt- long live the proxi servers).

And, hey, I sure hope this is not the Syrian opposition:

Translation (thanks Nadine).

Oh, great people of Syria
Oh, gentleman, scholars and clerics of Syria
Your country and your people are calling out for your conscience
Stand by your young men and your young ladies
Those that aim at supporting the Syrian opposition
To start the Jasmine Revolution
And to face the unjust and oppressing dictatorship
Rise for your dignity
Rise for your own living
Say no to corruption
No to deprivation
Say we want life
Walk out of the mosques and churches
And walk together hand in hand
From the different religions and affiliations
Arab, Kurds, Assyrians
Hold up the nation’s flag
Say altogether
Down with (or fall of) the dictatorship
Down with ( or fall of) the dictatorship
Long live Syria
Long Live Syria
Long Live Syria


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