The Syrians call for protest in front of embassies

The group on Facebook has been very active for the past few days. A few minutes ago a call for protests in front of Syrian embassies around the world was posted:

“For all the fine Syrians who live outside the syria … you can help your brothers in Syria by demonstrating in front of Syrian embassy where you live, the same day and same time. in Jordan, in Yemen, in Turkey, in Qatar, in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Canada, in London, in America, in italy, in denmark, in sweden, the netherlands, in france, in tysklan, in Norway. etc.”

I just don’t believe I will see anybody protesting in Hamra.

The demands are:
“1. Suspend all the emergency laws in Syria. And convert the nation to a modern civilian country.

2. A modulation in the main constitution that Guarantees a transition to a pluralistic democratic country .

3. Immediate Cancellation of the theory of one-governing-party.

4. A formation of a national government that reflects the different shades to achieve all the demands of our people.

5. Make a free and fair elections to the parliament in which includes all the races of the Syrian people.

6. Prosecute who done all of the massacres against the Syrian people in the past.

7. General amnesty for all the prisoners of conscience and political views.

8. The eradication of poverty and unemployment in the Syrian community.

9. Lifting the ban on all media types and the Internet. To allow all the partisan and political forums to express their views freely”


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