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Breaking news: Gaddafi is paranoid

I can’t say I haven’t heard this before.After 42 years in power you develop paranoia, it’s just normal. You start believing that you are God. Sad, but true. “Moammar Qaddafi is not a president, he is a revolutionary leader. This … Continue reading

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GMA looking for a speech writer

I’m serious, he badly needs one. This is tonight’s speech. It just doesn’t make sense. I’ve got nothing against the man, he might have done something great in his life. But as a political journalist, who’s seen some political marketing … Continue reading

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Crossing the border from Egypt to Libya

This is what a journalist can do when he’s got guts and a strong media company which finances his trips. Good one Mr. Ben Wedeman! I envy you. Nice description of Gadhafi’s rule: “”You see all the potholes in this … Continue reading

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Why I still want to meet the Al Akhbar photo editor

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Lebanese volleyball in the Arab championship in KSA

Let’s forget about politics for a minute. Because I got something that will make any Lebanese (even me, I’m already Lebanese in spirit :D) proud. So forget Mikati for a second. 😛 There is the Arab Volleyball championship going on … Continue reading

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A mother’s solidarity

I feel sometimes that nobody cares anymore. That the reports on victims of assassinations – you know, the people who just happened to be there when the bomb went off, the people who were never martyrs, just collateral damage – … Continue reading

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Palestine has got a rugby national team

…But has not fields for the players to practice on. I spent two hours on the AUB field tonight to watch the university’s rugby team playing with the Palestinian national team. Fine lads, fine equipment. But take a look at … Continue reading

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