Assad, Middle Eastern microbes, and the Dettol

 I was reading Bashar al Assad’s interview in the New York Times. After Tunisia and  Egypt and their similarities to Syria, eyes are also on Damascus now.

And yet, he does not shiver, he does not blink. He laughs in their faces!

The Middle East is diseased with stagnation and its leaders must “upgrade” themselves and their societies to keep up with the demands of their people, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said. 

And the explanation for the protests in Egypt !!!!!

“If you have stagnant water, you will have pollution and microbes, and because you have had this stagnation for decades … we were plagued with microbes,” said Assad, 45, drawing metaphors from his background in medicine.

And the “microbes” would be …. the Muslim Brotherhood? His father used Dettol a lot in 1982, it seems. Especially in Hama.


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