Mikati on CNN: I’m not Hezbollah’s man

I have a bad habit: I sleep with CNN or Al Jazeera (when the cable man is nice enough to do me this honor, which is rarely) on. I woke up this morning at 7 to be in the office early, and I had the chance to watch Najib Mikati’s first English language interview with the one and only (OMG!) Nic Robertson. Robertson was mean, very mean, trying to corner Mikati.

Watch the interview on Youtube.

But the Lebanese billionaire is a smart, tough man.
He told CNN that he was not Hezbollah’s man, they are just one political party which supported him for premiership, that he will not break any relationship with the international community and that he only wants a chance to prove himself.
“It’s a matter of what is good for Lebanon or not. Definetly without Saad Hariri it will be another aspect of government. If March 14 and Saad Hariri decide to participate I would like to make a large cabinet where everybody will participate. If not, it will be anotehr option: either technicrat people or mixed between politicians and technocrats,” MIkati said.

I think his attitude is already making a difference, and he’s gonn a get his chance, since this morning some March 14 voices are no longer sure they would say “no” to participating in Mikati’s government, but that they are waiting for his offer.

here they are, fresh from Naharnet.

9:07am MP Simon Abi Ramia to VDL (93.3): The ball is now in the new opposition’s court. They are welcomed if they want to participate in the cabinet.
7:46am MP Imad Hout to VDL (93.3): March 14 members did not hold consultative talks over the coalition’s participation in Miqati’s cabinet. The PM-designate should form a government that takes into account social conditions.
7:37am MP Atef Majdalani to VDL (100.5): We can’t announce our stance from our participation in the government without hearing from Miqati about his proposed solutions to the country’s problems.

As for the STL he said “I will honor any agreement Lebanon has with any international institution.”


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