Lebanon back to normal: traffic jams

I am going to start believing the political analysis of the taxi drivers. I was in a service last night on my way to Downtown to cover the March 14 protest against naming Najib Mikati as the new Lebanese Prime Minister. 

“You reporter, miss?” the driver asks me. “Yes, I am.” “Don’t worry. It’s all safe now. It’s cold, so  there will be no protests tonight.”

(Which reminded me instantly of James who told me on Facebook a couple of days ago he’d try to send the US weather to Lebanon. At -7 degrees Celsius  nobody would be on the streets burning tires.)

And my taxi driver was right. No burnt tires on Beirut streets anymore. All roads open. Even bars in Hamra, empty a night before, started to get back to life at around 8 pm.

And this morning it was very clear all was normal: the traffic jams were back.


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