The recycled “democracy” argument

I heard it a lot last night. I keep hearing it and reading it this morning.I also heard it a lot in May 7. But from different people.

I googled “Lebanese democracy” and i found these two pretty chickies. Prettier than burned tires, I have to say. Let’s keep it to that.

I experienced again the “recycling process” I was talking about a while ago with a Lebanese famous experienced journalist, Hazem Saghiyeh. His theory is that in Lebanon you don’t have a public opinion, but more public opinions, one for every community of political supporters (interesting for a sociologist I might say). I can continue and say that this is normal for a civil conflict that has never ended because there was no justice process after the 1975-1990 war and because the was no “lustration” process – an initiative adopted by sever ex-communist countries to clean their administration, legislative , executive and justice apparatuses of people who were part of the former regime. Therefore the young were educated in the same spirit, with the same sectarian ideology that their sect has to be protected from the other sects in terms of political rights. Unfortunately everybody acknowledges this phenomenon in a relaxed conversation over a beer, but then they sadly go back to their patterns of thinking dictated by the sacred ideology they were indoctrinated with.

So happens with the “democracy”. It is recycled according to the faction and the situation. n 2008 I heard it from March 14: Lebanon’s democracy was endangered by Hezbollah’s gunmen and its parallel telecommunications system.

Now I hear it not from Hezbollah (they wouldn’t go there, since they are anything but a democracy supporting organization. They at least don’t lie about it. Actually Hezbollah never lies, it just keeps silent. Awesome strategy. Frustrating, but awesome none the less.)  but from the Aounis. Hehe, I might say. Now you’re talking…

MP Alain Aoun to VDL (100.5): Sectarian incitement is like playing with fire. There is a democratic process that the March 14 forces should abide by.


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