The unheard victims of assassinations

 We finally launched it. The series of interviews and profiles of victims and survivors of the series of bombings and assassinations which rocked Beirut between 2004-2008. The people who are never asked if they want justice or not or who they believe can provide that for them. Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, daughters and sons who were deprived of their loved ones, “accidentally killed” in an assassination attempt, accepted to talk about their grief. It wasn’t easy. Some of them kept their thoughts for themselves, some of them just said they don’t want to remember or they don;t want to be reminded of their situation, that they got used to their wounds and leant how to live with it.

But some of them talked to us. I can’t hide the fact that most of the time both me and Nadine my translator and co-author (especially her) went out with tears in our eyes.

But here they are. The first one today: Therese Sandouk, the widow of Alain Sandouk, killed while driving by Captain Wissam Eid’s car.


About View over Beirut

For all the stories left unwritten.
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