The sad end of the “Cedar Revolution”

Reminds me of the sad end of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Coincidence or not, their experiment lasted 5 years. Just like the Cedar Revolution.

“Five years later, Ukraine is almost a forgotten country. The victors of that 2004 election, once feted on Independence Square, are now deeply divided, and the country’s political institutions are paralyzed. The government has lacked a majority in the parliament for a year, the posts of finance and defense minister are vacant, and even the Foreign Ministry was leaderless for several months. The country itself is broke, only managing to stay afloat with loans from the West.” It’s a quote from Der Spiegel.

Sounds familiar? To me it does. It sounded familiar even when the pro-Russian communists won the elections in Ukraine.

Just like on Monday the Lebanese government will probably be pro-Syrian.


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