It’s again up to Jumblatt. Or is it?

Or Jimbo (as my co-worker and blogger Angie Nassar sweetly calls him).

And it doesn’t look good for March 14. After May 7 events, and given the fact that his Chouf mountain is no loger a Druze area, but a mixed area, where Druze towns include Shia communities and where you can actually see yellow flags and Nasrallah’s portraits (not that the Druze are happy with that), nobody belives that Jumblatt is going to stand up today at his press conference and say “I stick to March 14”.

And guess what: there are rumours that Marwan Hamadeh (yes, him, the guy who survived a bomb attack targeting him for his anti-syrian stance) will back Jumblatt’s choice. As in: you tried to kill me, here’s my other cheek. Oh,no. Better: let me kiss your hand. The one you used to put the bomb under my car.


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