Contest: What’s the best way to protest?

While the negotiations between March 8 and March 14 mediated by … -actually I don’t know anymore,the mediators keep giving up on the big-headed Lebanese  politicians, Saudis said “bleh, enough of this. you guys are just hopeless. Just split the country and get it over with” , the Qataris and Turkish are just confused after just a couple of days of talks  – let’s just take a look at what happens around the Arab World. 

It looks like revolution time. It reminds me of 1989 in Eastern Europe, only the revolutions here are not so peaceful.

This post was inspired by a comment I found this morning in my inbox. So question for you, my dear 3 or 4 readers (:o) ): what’s the best way to make you cause heard around the world? Setting yourself on fire? Blowing yourself up? Getting naked in the Parliament square (or royal palace, depending on situation)?

Waiting for your suggestions…

PS: The winner gets my copy of Nick Blanford’s “Killing Mr. Lebanon”. Or a beer.  I can’t think of anything else right now.


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3 Responses to Contest: What’s the best way to protest?

  1. Emil says:

    if she had only the flag… 🙂

  2. I can’t count that as a contest entry, Emil. Try more. 😀

  3. Emil says:

    ok, then. Try protesting naked. I will choose the beer 🙂

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