So why storm the country?

I simply don’t get it. Why all the fuss over this Special Tribunal for Lebanon thing.  “The zero hour has begun.” ““Only a few people in Hezbollah’s closed circle know the details of the party’s plans to escalate [the situation],” the source – speaking on condition of anonymity – told NOW Lebanon.”

Like, please! Give me a break! Why all this fuss, seriously? Why not just wait and see and let this international justice body do its job. The indictments are going to do what?  What if Hezbollah members are indicted? (Not that it’s not obvious. I mean why would Captain Wissam Eid, who got to the main cell planning the attack, be killed? Because he discovered the Mossad agents who killed Hariri? And if he did and he was killed by Mossad, why is Hezbollah so afraid of these indictments that they’re ready to take over the country only to get rid of the STL?)

The STL is going to take ages anyway. The indicted people, Hezbollah or not Hezbollah (and I mean the main architects of the assassinations) are probably long gone from Lebanon, hiding somewhere where the STL can’t find them. And when they do, 20 years later, they will be of no interest anymore.

That’s how international justice works, people. It takes ages. Look at the tribunal for Yugoslavia, the huge ICTY. Let me tell you a story.

The man is Radovan Karadzic, the leader of the Bosnian Serbs during the war in 1992-1995. He’s now detained in Netherlads and has been indicted with war crimes against Muslims and Bosnian Croats, the siege of Sarajevo, the massacre of Srebrenica.  Of course, somebody’s criminal is somebody else’s hero. The rule applied there too. The Serb nationalists would have done anything to protect him. The Bosnians, both Croats and Muslims, wanted him hanged. (Sounds familiar?)

Karadzic’s indictment from ICTY came in 1996. He was captured in…July 2008. I remember covering the story. We jumped every time there was a rumor that they captured him or his military acolyte Ratko Mladic. This time it was actually true and pretty incredible: the guy had been hiding in Belgrade the whole time. He had changed his appearance, he disguised himself as some sort of alternative medicine, bio-energy guru expert in curing sexual disorders (sic!) and he had been seen at some official presidential receptions in Serbia. One of the best specialists in alternative medicine, they said. It all happened under the ICTY prosecutor’s nose.  For (what?!) 12 years!

Therefore, and international court indictment is not such a big deal, anyway. You can live happily ever after even if you’re indicted, boys! So why storm the country, threaten with mutiny, protests and whatever? Unless this STL indictment is just a pretext …


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  1. BB says:

    Maybe because Hezbollah is itching for any reason to escalate. They’re like a thug with his hand on his waist next to the gun…
    “Gimme a reason, punk! Just gimme a reason!”

  2. Not only Hezbollah, if I may say…

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