Setting your self on fire: an international form of protest or media caused epidemic?

I keep seeing Algerians and Egyptians setting themself on fire as a form of protest against the government, because they saw it was a success in Tunisia. And I’m afraid it is media and its sensationalism that makes these people commit suicide. Ten years ago they would go on huger strike. But today that form of protest is no longer appealing to the media. Therefore, nobody would report on your protest, your cause will never be heard.

So if one person set himself alight to make a point and all the TV stations loved the footage, you have to expect more people setting themselves on fire because they want to be heard. The media will love it 10 times maybe. But then we won;t read news about people burning themselves for a cause. And I wonder what’s next?


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2 Responses to Setting your self on fire: an international form of protest or media caused epidemic?

  1. BB says:

    Next step: Blowing yourself up as a form of protest (Though one could argue this is already being done.)

    Or, you know, setting your kids on fire or something.

  2. well yes, you could see terrorism as a form of protest. In fact those people just want their cause to be heard. A bomb is definetly something you hear.
    There is also the use of naked women, or peeing in front of the Parliament house but that does not generate that much publicity, plus nobody takes you seriously. So yeah, you have to die to get some attention, I guess. And you have to die in a spectacular way, not just by swallowing pills. That’s not interesting.

    I think i should write another blog post on what is the best way of protesting nowadays.:P

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