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Setting your self on fire: an international form of protest or media caused epidemic?

I keep seeing Algerians and Egyptians setting themself on fire as a form of protest against the government, because they saw it was a success in Tunisia. And I’m afraid it is media and its sensationalism that makes these people … Continue reading

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War is a force that gives us meaning

I keep thinking about Chris Hedges’ book. I read it last year, as part of a course on Conflict resolution at the Lebanese American University. One o the best books I’ve ever read. I look at the reports around Beirut … Continue reading

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So why storm the country?

I simply don’t get it. Why all the fuss over this Special Tribunal for Lebanon thing.  “The zero hour has begun.” ““Only a few people in Hezbollah’s closed circle know the details of the party’s plans to escalate [the situation],” … Continue reading

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