Your place in my heart (Matrahak bi albi)

I would have called the series like this if I had a choice. That’s because I can’t forget this son, Elias, who played this Majida El Roumi song on the piano for his dead father.

But I will be called something else. Probably “the unheard victims”. Or something.

These people are the collateral damage in the series of assassinations and bombings that rocked beirut between 2005-2008. They are the people the Special Tribunal for Lebanon was created for. It’s not just about politicians. It’s about them too. The innocents. The people who died for no reason.

I interviewed some of the with the help of Raja Noujaim, and activist trying to gather the families of these people in an NGO, but has a hard time getting a lawyer to help him.

The idea was Hanin Ghaddar’s , who came in one morning and said: why don’t we interview these people? It was more challeging than we thought. The first answers were “NO”s. People got used to their situation, to the loss of their loved ones and because of the political noise they were left with no hope they would ever find out who and why killed their relatives.

But some spoke. Their stories were nothing like anything I’ve written before. They opened their hearts in front of my camera. And that is what I respect most as a journalist.

The first story tomorrow in NOW Lebanon.


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