Getting ready for a new May 7?

The news doesn’t look good all of a sudden.

First this:

8:32am Health Minister Mohammed Jawad Khalife to al-Nour: The Opposition will meet at 4:00 pm Wednesday to determine the next steps.

And then this.

Hezbollah and some other March 8 parties are implementing an unannounced mobilization of their members in readiness for any negative developments, according to an anonymous Hezbollah source.

“Hezbollah is on alert for any negative escalation of the political situation in the country,” the source told NOW Lebanon in an interview published on Wednesday.

Hezbollah and its allies will leave the government unless their demands regarding the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) are met, Health Minister Mohammad Jawad Khalifeh told AFP on Wednesday.”

What I like most in this story is the anonymous part. How people just talk to the media about anything as long as nobody knows who they are. Therefore they can say anything. Is it true? Is it not true?


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