Flexing the muscles

So this is how things look like right now in the Lebanese government: Hezbollah threatens to leave the government this afternoon if … 

” Hezbollah and its allies will leave the government unless their demands regarding the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) are met, Health Minister Mohammad Jawad Khalifeh told AFP Wednesday.

Moreover :

“The March 8 coalition has a detailed plan that starts by resigning from the cabinet [and continues] until Prime Minister Saad Hariri finds that he has no other choice [but to submit to the alliance’s demands],” an unnamed March 8 source said. “It seems that President Michel Sleiman is unable to convince Hariri [currently in the US] to return to Beirut and immediately convene the cabinet,” the source told NOW Lebanon in exclusive interview published on Wednesday.”

 Both Future block and March 8 coalition have meetings this afternoon to decide what they are going to do next. I really don’t want to be living in a Sunni-Shia neighborhood right now.


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