Lebanese potatoes in Europe, Grapes in UAE

Dear Europeans and UAE people, Bon Appetit! 

 “The agriculture ministry will begin exporting 50,000 tons of potatoes to the European Union in 2011, Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan told An Nahar daily. Lebanon will also export apples and grapes to the United Arab Emirates after cleaning them from the residues of pesticides, he said.
While admitting that the agriculture sector is suffering from problems that date back to 20 years, Hajj Hassan said the ministry has made several achievements that improve production. Among the achievements are improving food safety and appropriating more land for agriculture.”

PS Now I  understand why Hussein Hajj Hassan never answers my calls when I need a statement. It’s not that he doesn’t want to talk to me, it’s because he fears he might say something … like this?

PPS. Question: Are they cleaned of pesticides when they’re sold in Lebanon, or is it a special thing you do for exports? Just though it might be useful to know what exactly I eat with those fries or my strawberries and grapes.


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