How do I dress for the occasion?

Democratic Gathering bloc leader MP Walid Jumblatt will hold a press

Cheif Jumblatt, the way I found him months ago on my favorite blog, Qifa Nabki.

conference Tuesday at noon at his residence in Clemenceau, according to a statement issued by his office on Monday. However, the statement did not elaborate any further.”

Umm, I believe I need a new dress for this special occasion. If we announce such an extremely rare event in the media, it must be important, right? A character who rarely speaks to the media, some sort of misanthrope coming out of his cave, somebody who has something extremely important to announce.

That’s why in some countries in the world when the press office of a political party announces a press conference, they also say what the topic is, in order to get as many interested journalists at the event. Here, in Lebanon, public relations and political marketing follow the exact reverse of the rule. You keep it a mystery, journalists think “it’s burning” so they show up in hordes, your party leader thinks he’s important although he’s giving the same empty tired speech everybody already knows by heart, and you get a promotion because he thinks he has a charisma.

PS. oh, and to have fun here’s a picture of Jumblatt I saved many months ago when he made the meaningful statement that he feels like a Native American. I believe the course of history has changed for Lebanon due to this meaningful statement.

UPDATE: Apparently Al Manar has got some real journalists.

“MP Jumblat told Al-Manar that his news conference on Tuesday will not be entirely focused on domestic issues, noting that he will start it by tackling the regional situations before addressing the latest developments regarding Syrian-Saudi efforts.”


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