Hezbollah or “el ombelico del mondo”

The bellybutton of the world.
Until now I thought it was Israel. Everything revolves around Israel in the Middle Eastern politics.

But in Lebanon, Israel is just the excuse. On the local political level everything revolves around Hezbollah.

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon, for instance. I was reading the latest post on (where else) Qifa Nabki.

And I loved this part of it :

On the other hand, the question of what concessions (if any) will be extracted from Hizbullah is much more perplexing. Unlike Hariri — who has already made some initial concessions  — Hizbullah has not indicated that it will budge from its maximalist position of rejecting the STL as a Zionist plot targeting the resistance.

 Enjoy the “pack of cigarettes” metaphor. Just lovely. And then read my previous post again. Doesn’t it make you feel sick? 😦


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