Elie Marouni vs the negotiations table (or the quote of the day)

MP Elie Marouni to LBC.

“Every time Hariri makes a positive step, the March 8 forces put new hindrances. Do they want us to agree on what they want without sitting around a table and discussing?”

Yes! Would it make you feel better if you agreed while sitting at a table? Does it have to be round? Or square? Does the shape make you feel different? Maybe the March 8 forces don’t agree with the shape. Maybe they want to sit around a coffee table? Or they want to talk about it intimately over lunch. Or they want to discuss standing. We might need a SyrianSaudi summit to establish how ti negotiate, where to negotiate, when to negotiate.

Wait, it’s already 2020, we did not have a government meeting yet.Ummm, what exactly did you want to discuss? Ohhh, the STL! Hm! What is there to discuss? It’s “a Zionist plot meant to destroy Hezbollah“. End of discussion!


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