Kidnapped in Beirut

The news of Wednesday morning: “Gunmen overnight kidnapped a 16-year-old girl in Beirut’s Ain Mreisseh neighborhood, state-run National News Agency reported.” The story continues on NNA :”Separately, gunmen also kidnapped a man in his sixties from the southern town of Tibnin in a feud over money. ”

Am I a bit too demanding or these two DIFFERENT stories should have been reported on SEPARATELY? You can’t just report on these incidents as a list of unimportant car accidents that happened overnight.

This kidnapped girl is news of the day. In my opinion, of course. The rest of the people believe that MP Atef Majdalani’s statements on “The political dispute in Lebanon has nothing to do with sectarianism. There is no fear over Christians in Lebanon” blablabla is more important.

I can’t but wonder about a few a woman walks on a street in central Beirut, with her daughter, apparently at around midnight (!) and some group of ARMED men just snatch the teenager, and not her mother. My guess: it’s either a Bekaa Valley-style bride snatch – her sweetheart decided to marry her urgently without going through a long engagement and all the financial discussions (which happens quite a lot), or somebody had unfinished business with her family.

In either of the situations the question remains: why is it so easy for a group of men to just pull out the guns and kidnap you in Beirut? The answer I was easy for a Lebanese co-worker: because they can. The story here is why can they, right?


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