The ISF daily press releases

Photo AFP.

I keep reading the Internal Security Forces daily reports on fighting crime around Lebanon. They always make me smile. “The ISF arrested XXXXXXX people wanted on several charges.” They always sound the same, only the numbers vary. 

There was a time last year, between April -June, when the numbers amazed me and my co-workers. The ISF used to publish an average of 60 people arrested on “different charges” every day. In the week-end the number grew to over 70 people. We tried to figure out where would all these people go, which crowded prison.

So I asked a cop-friend of mine why so many people got arrested in a small country like Lebanon. He answered with a shrug: they count the drunk drivers too. Oddly enough, I don’t remember any Lebanese acquaintance of mine getting arrested for drunk driving. That would certainly grow the numbers over 100 only in Beirut area.

The reason for the many arrests remained a mystery.

But I can’t help but to notice lately that the numbers radically dropped. This morning, only 17 people had been detained. Yesterday, also around 20.

I can’t but wonder… It’s either all criminals are already in jails around Lebanon or the numbers last year were a liiiitle exaggerated. Oooor, people don’t drink as much anymore.


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