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Is Syria next?

It seems the Syrian youth is organizing its own protest. On Facebook. Advertisements

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I’m gettin’ on Twitter. Can’t take it anymore

Everybody’s twitting around here. So I made up my mind. I’m gonna tweet too. If it weren’t for twitter i wouldn’t have found out that Egypt cancelled the flights from Tuesday 5p to Wednesday 10 am? Or that hackers are … Continue reading

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Assad, Middle Eastern microbes, and the Dettol

 I was reading Bashar al Assad’s interview in the New York Times. After Tunisia and  Egypt and their similarities to Syria, eyes are also on Damascus now.  And yet, he does not shiver, he does not blink. He laughs in … Continue reading

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The real Johnny Walker: Hosni Moubarak

Shared from my Facebook friend Ramie.

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Egypt, the end of an era

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Egypt muted the revolution, but we’re not blind, are we?

Internet is down. Electricity is down. Phones are down. There is one thing I don’t understand about regimes that panic such as Moubarak’s did: when you have a social movement like this, and the whole media around the world has … Continue reading

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STL, a national dialogue topic

A smart way out, I might say. Mikati keeps saying that the STL should not be a matter discussed in the government consultations – as March 14 insisted – but a topic for the national dialogue. This way he just … Continue reading

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